Celebrities, Don’t Forget

April 26, 2008

Welcome to WordPress.com. I just don’t get it. I watch many of the different Entertainment Shows and I just can’t figure out why these celebrities avoid, shun, and disrespect their fans when all they want is a wave, smile, or even a hello. Take off them damn sunglasses! Is there a prerequisite when you become famous that you have to buy a big ole pair of sunglasses that make you look like “The Fly?” I can understand, and Parparrazi dont get mad, if celebrities don’t respond to all those cameras practically up their behinds because I know it’s probably very annoying. Plus, it can be dangerous for the star and the cameraman as well when their bodyguard tries to shove that camera down the cameraman’s throat. But back to what I was initially saying, don’t forget where you came from. You wasn’t a celebrity overnight. Oops let me take that back. I don’t want to start naming any names and get myself into a whole lot of mess but you know who you are. “If the shoe fits, wear it.” If it weren’t for your wonderful and adoring fans where would you be? Just think about it. Let me take you back to the time that you were a waitress, gas station attendant, barmaid, cashier, pizza boy delivery, a secretary, salesman(woman) working at a temp agency, working at a fast food restaurant, going on auditions, and sending your Demos to all the record companies you can think of. I know you probably worked your behinds off to get fame and fortune, rather you’re on The A list D list or F list, but all I’m asking is that you don’t forget who plays a big part in making you the success that you are today. Don’t get upset. It’s Just My Opinion.